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~*~Rhapsody of Darkness~*~


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This is yet another FFVII roleplaying list. (Final Fantasy 7 just to be all nice and specific.)
The list is just starting out, two years after the end of the game.
A mysterious new foe is beginning to surface and make a play for power, even as an unintentional reunion amongst the major players is about to happen.
Old enemies and new will make themselves known in good time.
Chaos is fixing to reign down upon the planet, source unknown.
A new organization is moving to take over where Shinra left off.
Simply known as Revenants, Inc., not much is known about them or those in charge. All that is known is this is a power to be reckoned with as well as a presence of order and calm in a chaotic, almost apocalyptic world.
The stage is set.
Now, it falls to the players to unravel the story.

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