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A Gathering of Souls (Cloud)

He stood, staring up at the stars and dreaming his own dreams in their glowing radiance.
Surprisingly short for a man in stature, he was all compact muscle and sinewy length. Piercing blue eyes continued to stare at the night sky as he raked one black gloved hand through unruly, golden blonde hair.
It was getting a bit longer, though he always seemed to be cutting it with his sword every month or so.
Time held no meaning for him any longer.
It hadn't since she had been lost to them, or so he had thought.
His angel.
Where was she now?
Dead and cold as so many told him, laughing at his insane hope and quest.
She was alive, somewhere.
His heart knew it.
Until he found her or put her to rest finally, there would be no rest for him.
He felt as chaotic as the land they traveled through, gathering his friends as he went.
Two had come with him, answering his insane idea and call.
Tifa and Vincent.
He had pulled Tifa out of the seedy dive she had gone back to
working in when the group had disbanded. She had seemed happy to see him, too happy for him to even understand why.
He never had been able to understand her, though she was one of his oldest friends.
Vincent had seemed oddly resigned when he had approached, spouting this insane idea about Holy and the lifestream.
It was almost as if the other man had been expecting Cloud to turn up on his doorstep one day with this insane notion.
With Vincent, you never knew what he was thinking really until it was too late.
There was a man with a past and that brought more questions than answers any day of the week.
The camp fire was merrily burning away just beyond his range of sight where they had stopped for the night. The soft play of flames between the trees was oddly soothing to him.
He smiled, feeling his almost elfin features shift upwards at the motion. The familiar weight of his sword rested across his back, even as the black leather of his armor was a familiar presence across the line of his body.
"What am I doing here?" he asked himself again for the thousandth time.
This was insanity and yet..
He had grown tired of wandering aimlessly from town to town, always mistrusted or eyed sceptically these days.
Strange times.
They lived in strange times once again.
The feeling of the wind ruffling the hairs at the back of his neck brought an unaccostumed chill to the young man.
Something was coming. He just didn't know what or why yet but he would soon enough.
He hoped.
For now, he continued this insane quest for an angel that might be alive or might be dead.
He was betting everything that she was alive, even dragging his friends along for the ride. After all, what else were friends for except to have your back and laugh at your insanity?
He folded his arms across the taut, muscular line of his chest, tilting his head to once again count the stars. Cloud could see her, dancing there in his mind as if she were a porcelin angel caught in a glass bulb.
Only was she dancing death or singing life?
He didn't know but he was going to find out.
In using Holy, somehow, she had to have survived it. Perhaps she was trapped in the Lifestream and perhaps she had never really died. He was hoping that when they reached what had been her grave that she was not there.
He mused in his own thoughts, smiling and relaxing.
Lost and alone, though amongst friends.
Somehow, he was always alone these days but not really.
At least he had the two misfits that had been insane enough to
follow him to keep him company.
Again, what else are friends for?

((Okay, here's hoping this works, fingers crossed, first time posting to a rp community thingy))
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